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Proven strategies and techniques to promote your tours and activities brand - creating more revenue.

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Build Your Brand, Your Reputation and Your Customers

If you are a Tours and Activities operator, you are in a unique position. Be it walking tours, cycling tours, bus tours or axe throwing (amazing, you must try it), you have the opportunity to enhance the life of someone who experiences one of your amazing products - but to do so, they first need to know you exist.

It can be easy to get lost on the sea of social media platforms, Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) and Google rankings, but this is normally down to one thing… a poorly conceived or non existent strategy.

With this book, and accompanying course, I will guide you through the process of finding out where your Tours and Activities business currently sits, the path it need to take to grow and help provide the tools to get there thorough practical advice, worksheets and videos - helping turn your online lookers into revenue generating bookers.

Lookers To Bookers - Proven strategies and techniques to promote Your tours and activities brand, creating more revenue

Lookers To Bookers - A first for Tours and Activities

No other book and course has gone this in-depth on how to market your tours and activity business.

Lookers To Bookers - everything you need to market your Tours and Activities - PRE-ORDER TODAY

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Helping You Grow Your Tours and Activity Business

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How To Turn Your Lookers Into Bookers - The Book

The Book

How To Turn Your Online Lookers Into Bookers is a comprehensive guide which will help you create a cohesive brand and marketing strategy to help grow your start-up or existing tours and activity business.

Accompanying the book will be practical worksheets, video guides and ideas you can take away and implement today.

The Course

Whether you are creating a new business, or wish to grow your existing business, my Lookers To Bookers webinar course is designed to help guide your tours and activity business along the right path to success.

Following information contained in my book, this video series will take that information one step further and show you first hand how to implement the ideas I provide and that my agency, Tourism Marketing Agency, follows.

Lookers To Bookers - The Online Course & Webinar

Just some of what you will learn in the book...

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Slapping together a couple ideas and a logo is not a brand strategy. I will help you execute a well thought out strategy to promote your brand.

Building a Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies

If you want customers, you’re going to need to actively get out there and find them, and then let them know you exist. I show you how.

Creative Thinking & Ideas

Creative Thinking & Ideas

I will provide the tools and knowhow to create a steady stream of creative and compelling content to use on your marketing channels.

Research & Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Without researching your market, customers and competitors you are effectively promoting your business blind. I will help open your eyes.

Social Management & Strategies

Social Media Strategies

The more specific your strategy is, the more effective the execution will be. I will provide the tools allowing you to create a winning plan.

SEO Research & Strategies

SEO Research & Strategies

Developing and executing a sound SEO strategy for your business is more than adding some keywords to a page. My guide shows you how.

Video Marketing On Any Budget

Video Marketing

Video is hands down one of the best marketing tools you can use and in this day and age, there is no excuse not to use video. I will show you how.

Phone Strategies & Tracking

Phone Strategies & Tracking

In the world of digital marketing, one aspect that is often left as an afterthought, is a good old fashioned phone call.

Marketing Budget Planning

Marketing Budget Planning

What is the ‘right’ amount to spend on a marketing budget? My guide allows you to create a budget that adjusts to your busy and slow periods.


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Just some of what you will learn in the course...

Brand Workshop

Brand Workshop

My Brand Workshop will help you and your team find where your business sits, where it needs to go and how to get there.

Create 90 Days of Content Ideas In 1 Day

90 Days Of Content

I will provide the tools that will allow you to create 90 days of story driven content ideas within one working day.

Creative Marketing Strategies

Creative Strategies

I will show you first hand how you can create multiple marketing strategies and campaigns to promote your tours and activities.

How To Rank On TripAdvisor

Ranking On TripAdvisor

With this workshop I will offer advice on the best ways to use TripAdvisor and to help you generate positive reviews and improve your rankings.

The Art Of Storytelling

The Art Of Storytelling

Storytelling is something we all do naturally, but many struggle to tell their's. I will give you ideas you can take to create your own.

Cheap, Effective Facebook Ad Ideas

Effective Facebook Ads

I will provide you with a Facebook Ad strategy that will gain you lots of targeted potential customers, without breaking the bank.

Email Marketing Mastery

Email Marketing Mastery

Create a stream of organically built subscribers that engage with your brand in exchange for value. Allow me to show you how.

Understanding The Buyer Journey

Understanding The Buyer

What is the point of marketing you business without knowing where your customers are. I will help you find them.

How To Use Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

I will cover the basics of using marketing automation to efficiently and affordably generate leads for your business.

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The Battle For Tours And Activities

With this video, I’ll look at the big three OTAs, Google’s entry into the tours and activities sector, and I’ll explain how suppliers can make sure they’re ready for the changing digital environment.

The Digital Tourism Show - I am a strong believer in providing as much help and advice as I can to assist tours and activity providers in educating themselves and growing their business. Because of this I run a Facebook community where I share my thoughts, ideas and advice through 200+ videos and counting. Hang out with me on the group and be inspired. - Join The Community

Praise For Chris

"Chris Torres has the ability to execute marketing strategies that are unlike anything I've seen in the tour & activity industry. He and his team don't just hit the bullseye — they blow it to pieces... again and again."

Matthew Newton

Matthew Newton


"Chris and his team have been instrumental in helping us grow the Gray Line Iceland brand. The extra bookings and revenue we have received from their marketing efforts have been nothing short of remarkable."

Hrafnkell Konráðsson

Hrafnkell Konráðsson

Gray Line Iceland

"Having worked with Chris and his team for the last 6 months, I can confidently say there is no other company that compares to their understanding of the industry. A 36.7% increase in revenue from my previous year says it all."

Dylan David

Dylan David

Dylan’s Tours

"Since i joined the tourism industry, Chris has been the go to guy for me. He always has his finger on the pulse and thinks one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to reacting to the latest industry developments. I've found his advice to be invaluable."

Russel Astle-Coates

Russel Astle-Coates


"Having worked with Chris on a number of projects over the years, and having the pleasure of hearing him speak at various events, there is no doubt he knows his stuff! If you need to get your tourism brand moving in the market Chris Torres is definitely the guy to assist you."

Will Plummer

Will Plummer

Trust My Travel

"We have been working with Chris and his team since 2015, when we launched our website. In only one month, we gained a complete return of our investment. Our online business has constantly increased since then. Thank you for your valuable support."

Martín Tartara

Martín Tartara

I Love Rome

About Chris Torres

Chris has 26 years’ experience working in brand development and marketing, and he’s spent the last 13 years running his own company, Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA).

Around 80% of TMA’s customer base is now outside the UK, working with some of the biggest players in the industry including Gray Line, the oldest and largest sightseeing company on planet earth.

Chris has won numerous awards over the years, such as the Best Tourism Website, Best Digital Agency and the Scottish SME’s Businessman of the Year 2018. Chris has also spoken at numerous tourism events, such as the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA), several Gray Line conferences, and Arival conferences in Las Vegas.

Chris has lived and breathed marketing for the tours and activities sector for years and this book is his attempt to compile most of what he’s learned into a practical resource for anyone who needs some help turning lookers into bookers.

Chris Torres and family


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